Fotomontajs a rose petal Yolitas

Fotomontajs a rose petal 
by Yolitas
Eat the delicate fragrance
a rose petal
feelings are
Escaped from my heart.
Sweet, sweet scents
wrap fragrance
my whole being.
Lift up my nose at a level of divine feeling where my thoughts are confused her between the sweetness of pollen and honey ..... leaving my palate satisfied and joyful my heart!
to behold the beauty of their petals,
to lose their colors
get carried away by the smoothness
is a delight!
There is nothing more beautiful than the scent of a flower
fascinates me
transports me
love me
and dreams are realized in aromas of lust and pleasure
just relaxing and dreamy scent.
Makes me feel still reach its aroma, close my eyes and keep your fragrance in my being, I tend to remember when passing away the blessed spring flowers.!
I feel it in the air, I feel in dreams
Leaving me to have known the taste of something so beautiful,
living in this land full of difficulties and setbacks
The comforting feeling of your scent all the difficulties
found on the path
The petals of your flower give off a scent
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